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Magic Maths is our teacher programme, which facilitates ‘learning by doing’. The programme offers a grounding of mathematical concepts and topics through a ‘Show me and I understand’ approach.

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It is a peer to peer network program for learners by learners. The program selects talented mathematics learners and appoints them as mentors. Each mentor is shadowed by learners who need support in mathematics in order to increase their grades. Many learners would rather ask their friends for mathematics support on a one-on-one basis than ask for help from a teacher in front of a whole class, that’s where the genius of Magic Buddies comes in: officially appointing students who achieve more than 65% to help students who are struggling allows the lesson to be passed on without the teacher present.

What the program includes:

    • Up front training for the Magic Buddies
    • Magic Buddies “Tool Kit” which includes a carefully selected set of ‘manipulatives’ (see ‘Magic Maths’ for more info on these)
    • Learner Manual with worksheets and explanations.

    Our unique Caps 4 Caps program is a groundbreaking opportunity for your community to ensure all young children earn a graduation cap from nursery school in order to better prepare them for the formalised CAPS curriculum.



    The following is an image of the Senior Phase Math kits been prepared and set for teachers. Slowly creating change for teachers.

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