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Footstep Phonics

Footstep Phonics applies a synthetic and fun-filled approach to the acquisition of language and reading skills. Developed to UK core standards, each title has been carefully leveled to ensure that children grow in confidence and ability through each step. Footstep Phonics  is a curriculum provider of Primary Learning Resources that brings a fresh and innovative approach to mastering the English language by providing engaging levelled learning programs to positively stimulate young minds and instil the love of lifelong learning.

Footstep Phonics consist of different books ranging from Step 1 -5 .

Step 1 introduces children to the letters of the alphabet – their correct formation and the sound each makes.  The letters are taught in a specific sequence so as to encourage word building and word recognition as early as possible.

• Initial sounds
• Letter recognition 
• Letter formation 
• Handwriting practice 

Step 2 introduces the importance of vowels in word formation and allows children to apply the knowledge gained from Step 1, by blending single letters into CVC words.  Step 2 also helps students recognize groups of words that have a common feature or pattern through the introduction of short vowel word families.

• Vowel introduction

• Word families

• Sentence construction

• Vocabulary

Step 3 focuses on the importance of initial and final consonant blends (clusters) for the proper pronunciation of more challenging words.  Voiced and unvoiced digraphs are also introduced, and children are exposed to sentence completion and creation.

• Consonant blends 
• Digraphs 
• Sentence building 
• Pronunciation


Step 4 commences with vowel digraphs to help students progress in their pronunciation by recognizing that a group of two successive letters can represent a single sound.  During this step, emphasis is also placed on final consonant blends (clusters) to prevent end sound reduction in the future, and maintain intelligibility.

• Digraphs & trigraphs 
• Diphthongs 
• Consonant blends 
• Sentence correction

Step 5 initiates phonological awareness and proficiency in the more commonly mispronounced letter combinations.  Students at this level are 
introduced to phonics rules for silent letters, syllables and consonant trigraphs – all of which contribute towards demystifying the English 
language and promoting easier reading and clear speech.

• Diphthongs 
• ‘r’ controlled vowels 
• Syllables 
• Silent letter rules

Let’s Read Think & Write

Designed to increase children’s awareness and understanding of written text, the Read, Think and Write Series encourages children to read faster, more accurately and with greater comprehension… essential skills in today’s competitive world. 

Each book has been carefully levelled to ensure success in your classroom and beyond, by including engaging fiction and non- fiction texts that deal with concepts and experiences that young children can relate to. 

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