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Edvantage Hub brings a fresh, innovative approach to mastering the English language as well as Mathematics. We provide quality work books and products that create excitement and engagement, key to successful learning.

Edvantage Hub provides engaging levelled learning programs that help to positively stimulate young minds and instil the love of life-long learning. After all, learning is not just for the younger years!

Edvantage Hub provides a range of superior Phonics ,Mathematics books and Virtual Reality that is designed to meet the National Standards in Education and support children’s thirst for knowledge during their formative years.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every education provider by supplying products that are entertaining, effective and easy to implement, as well as equipping every student with materials to evoke fun and accomplished learning.

Edvantage Hub is an innovative educational company that is driven to ensure the children learn with ease.  To do this we provide world-class teaching aids that are easy to access and navigate.

The Team

Our team consists of dynamic individuals who are passionate about education and teaching.
Each of the team members have been involved in education.

Message from Kayla Wheeler, Founder of EdvantageHub:
“I believe all children have the right to quality education in various forms. If I can make a difference to many children’s lives my purpose has been achieved!”

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